Come home to a relaxing apartment and simply immerse yourself in the abundance of nature at the Riviera Community. Azizi Riviera is all about the sense of happiness, inviting open spaces, and being one with nature.

Azizi Riviera offers simple, uncluttered spaces as well as subtle touches to create a modern and sophisticated, yet still welcoming place. Stone cladding, pleasing tones, and framed curtain glass combined with balconies give apartments stunning facades. This is Azizi Riviera where a new lifestyle is born!

The whole project is spread across four phases comprised of 13 regions, with its Phase 1 and Phase 2 already sold out. The apartments of Azizi Riviera Dubai are perfectly situated in a multi-phase development district filled with exciting destinations like a mega integrated retail district, luxury four and five-star hotels, as well as expansive green spaces.


15 MIN

Dubai International Airport


Meydan One Mall


Dubai Mall


Dubai Creek


Residents of Azizi Riviera will have the privilege to access world-class amenities of the best kind. Azizi Riviera will be a perfect getaway from the crowd of the city whenever you need to relax. This dream place will be your haven of tranquility where your convenience is above all else. So, this is an ideal place where the best of Riviera’s living is epitomized!

Swimming pool
BBQ seating area
Outdoor play area
Pets agility area
Movie night
Zen garden
Kids swimming pool
Bocce area
Yoga zone


Azizi Riviera is the embodiment of contemporary community living that uniquely blends the French Mediterranean design and modern architecture. Enjoy family-friendly outdoor activities, dining, leisure, and retail therapy. Live the great style of the French Riviera without ever leaving the city!

DAMAC Lagoons Venice swimming-pool

Royal Bay

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DAMAC Lagoons Venice SvgImage


DAMAC Lagoons Venice SvgImage

Terrace Apartments

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DAMAC Lagoons Venice SvgImage


DAMAC Lagoons Venice SvgImage


DAMAC Lagoons Venice SvgImage

Roy Mediterranean


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Welcome to the world’s fastest rising country, welcome to the UAE. Once a shy desert land, UAE has blossomed into a modern place to live, an unstoppable country offering the most luxurious hotels, the world’s largest malls, the most advanced business facilities, the best in entertainment and the most fascinating skyscrapers. This tourist magnet now has the perfect place for you; don’t spare yourself the ultimate luxury: call the UAE your home.

Just a short walk to the canal, with enough connections to water and public transport, this is an ideal place to enjoy being part of the Riviera community. Outdoor dining, family activities, cinemas, cafes and bistros, and luxury retail will provide anything you need to live the Riviera-style at its best. Choose from studio, 1BR and 2BR apartments offering stunning views of Meydan Hotel and Racecourse, the Dubai Canal, Downtown Dubai and also Dubai Creek.

According to the above, Azizi Riviera harmoniously combines the exclusive location, superlative amenities, and distinctive design. Besides all of these, an easy payment plan makes the investment more precious. It also allows you to own your first home or gives you the chance to invest in the easiest and most affordable way.


STUDIO APARTMENTS Price from (AED) 494,000 - to - 596,000

1BR APARTMENTS Price from (AED) 740,000 - to - 1,101,000

2BR APARTMENTS Price from (AED) 988,000 - to - 1,463,000

3BR APARTMENTS Price from (AED) 1,388,000 - to - 2,801,000